Young Voices

Royston Young Voices is an arts group for children aged between five and nine year's old. It aims to inspire and engage children in creative music and drama activities. Young Voices meet for workshops during school holidays. Usually the workshops run around a theme which covers a broad range of musical styles and traditions. During the workshop children will be encouraged to sing, move, act, imagine, draw and speak about many different aspects of the theme.

The last workshop was about Space and Planets.

We listened to the Planets suite by Holste. Whilst drawing our ideas about space and planets. We chanted a rap about Aliens and learnt rhythms and musical patterns. We made up music to play in a spaceman band and acted out the way spacemen move whilst thinking about a poetic piece written byVangelis for the moon walkers. Mare Tranquillitatis. With snacks and laughs the time went very quickly. Next workshop about The Circus in the summer will be two hours long.

Keep a look out for news about the Summer workshop.

Email for a place.

Music for five to nine year olds