"She was mersmerised!"

We have very much enjoyed participating in 'music with mum classes. It has strengthened and nurtured my relationship with my daughter, as well as making good friends within the group. Charlotte started 'music with mum' when she was 8 months old and loved singing and songs - she loved your sessions immensely. I feel 'music with mum' classes helped sustain our bond and allowed us quality time together.

It was fun too particularly as us mums were expected to join in - dance, chant and sing! I found it helped to find my inner child and relate to Charlotte without the distractions of being at home doing domestic chores. The informal atmosphere was warm and welcoming.

Thank you for providing such wonderful sessions with energy, enthusiasm and new ideas. Charlotte particularly loved the playing of the violin, she was mesmerised along with all the other tots in the group.

I now have a second daughter (Emily, 7 month's old) and we are starting music together in September.

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