Review by a Nursery Nurse

I am community nursery nurse based at a Health Centre and work alongside a team of 5 Health Visitors. Over the past 12 years it has been my role to set up and organise a weekly Post Natal group for first time mums. During these sessions various topics are covered that range from sleep management, to weaning advice and on some occasion's guest speakers attend these sessions.

Linda Bance, a local music enthusiast, who has been attending the group consistently for the past 12 years, has made a tremendous effort in encouraging parents to introduce their babies to music at an early age. During her sessions she normally brings along her guitar and gently plays familiar nursery rhymes to the group and encourages the mums to actively involve their babies. Once the sessions have got going and the mums are more relaxed she gives the babies the opportunity to explore a variety of instruments from hand held bells to wooden percussion instruments.

The session always bring laughter and joy to the parents and surprise at how well their baby has responded and that you don't have to have a good singing voice to join in.

A lot of the parents have gone on to join Linda at her 'music with mum' classes and always comment on how much they get out of it.

As a parent myself of two very young children I can fully appreciate the importance of those first few years and how such groups can make all the difference.

Parenting can sometimes be incredibly isolating and stressful and if parents have access to groups like 'music with mum' it gives them the opportunity to make new friends, exchange worries and concerns and most importantly bring a little joy into their child's life!!!


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