"Music with my Baby" for NHS

Baby is born. Now what?

Here's something that is fun, costs nothing, good for you and won't harm the planet either! Singing, listening and making music with baby is a very special thing to do.

Why is it so important?

It helps improve bonding and relationships, eases tension, soothes or excites and make us feel good about ourselves. It helps speech and communication, gives us focus which helps improve our concentration and listening. If baby grows up around singing and music it will help their development and you will all stay happy, bright individuals with a positive outlook on life.

Where do I start?

  • Listen to a favourite piece of music together.
  • Dance to your favourite tunes.
  • Sing favourite traditional nursery rhymes from your culture.
  • Make up your own songs.
  • Stop by the street busker to listen.
  • If you play an instrument, play it to your baby.
  • Seek out a good baby music session to join where you will meet others and have fun!

What if I can't sing?

Did you know that your voice is the one that baby will recognise and love the most? You are a STAR! in your baby's eyes.

'At a very young age music is caught not taught'.

Linda Bance, M.A. Music Education.

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